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Busy Day On Broward Campaign Trail


Even some Broward Democrats agreed that today’s visit by Caroline Kennedy appears to be a desperation move by President Barack Obama’s political machine. Organizing For America held the rally in Tamarac, usually a Democrat stronghold; Less than 300 Democrat faithful filed into the Tamarac Community Center to hear Ms. Kennedy’s lukewarm defense of Obama. The loudest applause came when Kennedy mentioned her late father, President John F. Kennedy and her late uncle, Senator Ted Kennedy.

Several Broward Democrat politicos attended the event: Clerk Of Courts Howard Forman, County Commissioner Sue Gunzburger, Tamarac Vice Mayor Diane Glasser, Sheriff wannabe Louis Granteed and School Board candidates Jaemi Levine, Bob Mayersohn and Shelley Solomon. Democrat operatives Jack Shifrel and Barry Harris stopped by too.

A few hours later at Wings Plus ( The Cafe Versailles of Broward), hosted a fundraiser for Broward State Attorney candidate Jim Lewis. Nearly fifty people came to support Lewis who hopes to finally retire Mike Satz (D-What Corruption?). Many members of the Republican Business Network came out to pledge their support for Lewis.

Some notables in attendance included: Coral Springs Commissioner and Mayoral candidate Vince Boccard, Coral Springs commission candidate Dan Daley, FL House candidate Jim Gleason, County Commission candidate Robert Sutton and Bill Lewis, host of The Credit Report With Bill Lewis.



Attention Broward: Winter Is Coming


“Power resides where men believe it resides. It’s a trick…a shadow on the wall. And, a very small man can cast a very large shadow.”

Democrat SuperPAC Targets Congressman Allen West: “TAKE DOWN WEST”

The Left is so super-obsessed with Congressman Allen West (R-Plantation) it makes sense they created a SuperPAC to defeat him and the “Tea Party Ten”. This email touting CREDO SuperPaC was sent by Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold. Who is Matthew “Mudcat” Arnold?

Arnold is your typical leftist activist with ties to The Sierra Club,, Democracy For America and more. Basically your average West-obsessed Democrat. Anyone wanna bet OFA is somehow involved?

What is with the “TAKE DOWN WEST” command? Didn’t Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out of Touch) tell us to drop the violent imagery? Didn’t she blame tea party violent rhetoric for contributing to attack on Rep. Gabby Giffords?


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