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Broward GOP “On Fire”, Working Weekends For Romney and Local Republicans

Mitt Romney and Broward Republican Chairman Richard DeNapoli

Local Republicans are working hard this Saturday for Mitt Romney, Connie Mack and local GOP favorites. Early this morning the Broward Republican headquarters filled with volunteers stuffing mailers into envelopes and making phone calls. Broward Republican chairman Richard DeNapoli emailed thousands of activists and flooded social media with a call to action. Over at Broward Beat, Buddy Nevins wrote how the Republicans are eclipsing the Broward Democrats under the lackluster leadership of Mitch Cesar (D-Comedian):

“The question will be if the Obama ground operation here — an operation that has remained largely invisible to this voter so far — can produce the big turnout that Democrats need.

Local Democratic activists candidly say they doubt whether Broward can deliver. The excitement is gone and the local party is divided.

Meanwhile, Broward Republicans are on fire.”

In addition to the GOP HQ, volunteers are working at the Romney offices in Fort Lauderdale and Coral Springs.


The BLOG COMMENT OF THE DAY award goes to “at least” who chimed in over at Buddy Nevins’ post on why Ilene Lieberman should not be a judge got this comment:


Mango theft is no laughing matter. The war on mango thieves is more important that public corruption. Mango thieves look out–the powerful Broward law firm of Becker Poliakoff is throwing a fundraiser for Ilene Lieberman. All those partners, associates, clients and their spouses will line up to fund Lieberman’s war on fruit theft. Someone should post their names and amounts given so all of Broward county can thank them!!!

Winter is coming.

Did Another Broward Democrat Want Money From The Chaits?

You have to check out

Mayor Michael Udine

Buddy Nevins reports Parkland Mayor Michael Udine sent emails lamenting being left out of the party the Chaits threw in Broward County. The Chaits spread bribes money all over Tamarac and western Broward. This money would lead to the downfall of Stephanie Kraft, Beth Talabisco, and others.

In an email Udine wrote:

“Udine writes to political consultant Russ Oster that ‘we both got fucked on this one big time. There was plenty of dough to be made on this. When I hear some of the numbers thrown around and what went on.  Handled differently on the front end with contracts, retainers and ‘win bonuses’ it could have been a good year for both of us!!’”

Sources say Udine has wanted to run for a higher office. No doubt these emails won’t hurt his chances in King’s Point.

Only in Broward.


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