E-Mail Campaign Targets US Congress Candidate Karen Harrington As Gay Marriage Supporter


Republicans all over south Florida are receiving an email attacking US Congressional candidate Karen Harrington as a supporter of gay marriage. The email contains seven photographs, many of Ms. Harrington attending a wedding ceremony of two men. The email says:

“KAREN HARRINGTON Supports Gay Marriage Along With
DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman-Schultz & President Barack Obama

Why does Karen Harrington keep in-the-closet her liberal views on the homosexual issues?

What else will the public find out about Karen Harrington if they accidentally award her the Republican nomination?”

Many people report receiving the email late Friday evening. Harrington is seeking the GOP nomination to take on Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Out Of Touch).


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  1. She also was the vice chair of the Sunshine Republicans who came out and supported the way obama handled DOMA by telling Holder not to enforce the law. This emails are correct and she is a supporter of same sex marriage.
    By the way Marriage is between a man and a woman not anything else.

  2. It should read, these emails are correct!!!!!!

  3. This is such bullshit!

    • No it is not, Karen has a history with Sunshine Republicans who support gaymarriage and they way Obama has handled DOMA! Karen Harrington is a liberal and now it is comming out.

      • No it is not, Karen has a history with Sunshine Republicans who support gay marriage and the way Obama has handled DOMA! Karen Harrington is a liberal and now it is comming out.

    • Precinct Committeeman

      How is it bullshit? This is an important issue, and Ms. Harrington’s position on it is relevant.

  4. A sad commentary on the state of Republican politics these days.

  5. How hypocritical of Karen to accept the Bachmann endorsement

    • Lanny Astaslem

      Think about that. Either Bachmann didn’t vet Harrington before endorsing or Harrington is oblivious to Bachmann’s stance on gay-marriage.

      Or, the more likely explanation is that this is a baseless smear by a political amateur.

      • I doubt Bachmann would attend a “gay marriage” ceremony.

      • Art Sinclair

        Karen Harrington has a history of supporting same sex marriage and gays in general with her support of eliminating DOMA and approved the way that Obama and Holder has handled DOMA.

  6. I would like to hear what Ms. Harrington has to say about all of this. Was she contacted for a comment for this story?

  7. Lanny Astaslem

    Wow. Just Wow.
    Karen Harrington attends a celebration held by friends of hers that happen to be gay and now she’s pro-gay marriage?

    As a Conservative, I’m against Affirmative Action quotas and defining protected classes in hate-crime laws. Does that mean I’m not allowed to have friends that are minorities or members of these protected classes? That is what the small-tent, bigoted “Republicans” are implying by distributing this slime. Ever hear the expression “hate the sin, love the sinner”?

    If you can’t see the ugliness behind the the implications of this smear and how it plays into the Democrats’ meme of the Republicans being bigots, you are indeed a bigot, and a politically inept one at that.

  8. A sad commentary on Joel Goldner and you other people…don’t you realize people can be good people, marriage is a decision between two people, not Obama or the Republicans. If this was my neighbor or doctor or clergy, should I say no, I will not congratulate your happiness. I can do that and still tell them I do not agree with such a union, or that they both should see a doctor! Are we so little that we are distracting to social issues, rather than the big picture of economics, jobs, taxes, and the many buildings owned by the government not being used!

    • This is less about the gay marriage issue and more about Harrington’s campaigning as a right wing social conservative. When someone acts like a hypocrite there’s nothing wrong with pointing it out.

  9. Paul K. Abernathy

    There was an interesting business study conducted years ago, in which donuts and bagels were left out for employees, asking them to pay on the honor system. Unknown to them was that a camera was watching. They noted that every employee who cheated, took food without paying for it, was otherwise under suspicion for any number of much more serious things, from theft to embezzlement. Thus was established an interesting rule of thumb: if someone cheats or deceives on one thing, they are much more likely to do it with other things.

    So now that this woman has been discovered to be duplicitous in one way, it has to be asked how deceitful is she in other ways?

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