Report: Jim Lewis May Challenge Mike Satz


JAABlog is reporting Republican Lawyer Jim Lewis is thinking about running for Broward State Attorney in 2012. Lewis would take on longtime Broward Democrat State Attorney Mike Satz.

From JAAblog:

“Factor in the ill will towards Satz from the political establishment after the phony, self-serving corruption cases, Satz’s disturbing record and attitude about wrongful convictions, the SAO’s woeful conviction rate after trial, and the simple fact that no one can argue that one man’s thirty-five year old vision is healthy for a mature, multi-cultural county, and Lewis has enough going for him in the year of fellow Republican Al Lamberti to give Satz a major headache.”

2012 may be High Times in Broward legal circles. Stay tuned…

One thought on “Report: Jim Lewis May Challenge Mike Satz

  1. Given his history of never having won anything despite running for every office under the sun, this looks like another loser

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